The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) declared null and void this Tuesday the board of directors of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) headed by Juan Guaidó since January and instead recognizes the delegation led by Luis Parra, an opposition dissident Venezuelan.

“The Constitutional Chamber of the TSJ declared the AN Board of Directors valid (…) which is made up of deputies Luis Eduardo Parra Rivero as President, Franklin Duarte as First Vice President and José Gregorio Noriega as Second Vice President,” says a press release from the Supreme.

The ruling also establishes that any public or private person “who lends or gives space” for the installation of a parallel or virtual parliament “will be considered in contempt, and any act exercised as such is void.”

The TSJ assured that the directive headed by Parra, whose legitimacy is questioned by the Venezuelan opposition and a large part of the international community, did not commit any “action outside the framework of constitutional competence” in its controversial election, held on January 5 .

“The opinion also ordered to send a certified copy of the file and the ruling to the Public Ministry (Prosecutor’s Office), for the corresponding legal purposes in relation to the actions of the citizen Juan Guaidó,” added the statement from the highest court, referring to the various accusations he faces. the opposition leader.

Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by more than 50 countries, was sworn in as re-elected president of Parliament in an act that was held at the headquarters of a newspaper after he was prevented from entering the Legislative headquarters.

In that parallel session, the majority of the opposition that supports Guaidó as parliamentary leader voted in a personalized way and before the media to record that 100 of the 167 legislators wanted him as president.

Parra was invested as head of the House in a bumpy session that did not contemplate any personalized vote and whose minutes were never published.