The former reality TV contestant and singer Omar Montes was going to be the main protagonist of the Marenostrum Festival which was scheduled to take place on July 12 in the town of Fuengirola. The artist, responsible for several musical hits of the reggaeton genre in Spain, had to be the protagonist of a concert that finally the organization decided to cancel unilaterally, after considering that the attitude of Montes and his team was « uncivic », in relation to the coronavirus crisis that still plagues the entire country. Therefore, it was decided to dispense with his presence in the organized musical act.

Omar Montes

The problem came in the delivery of a donation from the artist to the Food Bank, which occurred the morning before the concert. The organization asked Montes and his team to wear the protective mask during this charity event., something the artist chose not to do, to everyone’s surprise. This bypassed the security measures imposed by the Government and did not want to use this personal protective equipment, something that led the organization to cancel its presence at the concert that was to star hours later, as explained in a statement released to the media.

The organization of the event considers that with this type of questions « you cannot be lukewarm … nor tolerant », since it considers that « they are attitudes that harm everyone ». Therefore, it was decided to cancel his presence in the musical act that he was going to star in, in order to preserve the health of all those attending the event, and a « full and automatic » return of all the tickets compared will be made. « The music will continue playing throughout the summer and will always do so with the best sanitary guarantees », is detailed in the statement, making it clear that at all times health will be prioritized over the attitude of artists, musicians or even assistants who could skip sanitary measures.

Montes’s overwhelming response

The artist has wanted to respond on his official Instagram profile. « It has been canceled because they have not sold enough tickets »He has started by saying this, accusing the organization « of being unpresentable » and of being responsible for this low sale of tickets. « You have not done promotion, you have not done things well », has added. In addition, he explained that some members of his teams were notified of the cancellation alleging that « we were drunk », something that he has flatly denied. In shorta, a very different version from the official one With which Montes has wanted to deny categorically that he tried to skip the sanitary measures imposed.