They call Mark Zuckerberg’s network “dictatorship”

A confrontation is developing between the Australian authorities and Facebook. What is the reason for the fight?

Australia and Facebook are facing off in a new episode of a government against the power of social networks.

It all started with a law that seeks to force organizations to pay Australian news companies for the use of their information. Google, at least, it complied with that legislation and will pay, after negotiation.

But Mark Zuckerberg’s company has filed for default.

What did Facebook do? Block news on your network. Australians who sought information through the big F were unable to do so.

And there Troy burned.

Australia’s position vis-à-vis Facebook

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison he pointed that the measure shows that « big technology companies are bigger than governments, and that the rules should not apply to them. »

« Facebook’s actions to not befriend Australia today, cutting off essential intelligence and health information services, were as arrogant as they were disappointing. »

The issue is that the blocking of news services during the pandemic results in putting gasoline on the fire. Many people use it to find out about COVID-19, as well as hundreds of organizations that have their health campaigns online.

« These actions, » continues Prime Minister Morrison, « only shape the concerns expressed by an increasing number of countries. »

« We will not be intimidated by BigTech trying to pressure our parliament, » Morrison added.

The support of other nations for Australia

Politicians from other countries supported the Australian government.

David Cicilline, a Democratic representative in the United States, called Facebook « not very compatible with democracy. » « Trying to bring an entire country to its knees by the terms of Facebook is the most forceful admission of the monopoly of power, » he said.

Meanwhile, British Conservative MP Julian Knight called Zuckerberg’s company’s measures « deeply disturbing. »

In the measure of strength, Facebook continues to win. Will it stand firm? Will your behavior change?