They broadcast a video of the two missing girls in Tenerife in case someone detects them in the Caribbean or South America

The family of Anna and Olivia, the missing 1 and 6 year old girls together with his father in Tenerife last week, he has released a video of the minors in the hope that it is seen by people in the Caribbean or South America and identify the minors if you see them in those regions.

The video has been shared by the account on Twitter Missing Alert, dedicated to disseminating photos or videos of disappeared people who are wanted by their families or by the authorities.

According to various media, the video has been released with the permission of the maternal family, with the hope that it will be seen in the Caribbean or South America, where the father has contacts.

The minors disappeared last week along with the father, who allegedly took them aboard a boat that was later found abandoned and adrift on the high seas.

The investigation handles several hypotheses, among them that the father used the first boat to reach a second boat.

Search south

In fact, this same Tuesday the investigation has revealed that it has moved the search to the area where the abandoned boat was found, following the currents that lead south.

The Scientific Police analyzes a boat at the Civil Guard base of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife fishing dock, this Thursday.

The Government delegate in the Canary Islands, Anselmo Pestana, has requested this Tuesday respect for the summary secrecy under which the investigation of the disappearance of a father and his two daughters a week ago in Tenerife is, at the same time as has claimed citizen collaboration.

Pestana, at a press conference, recalled that the titular judge of the investigating court number 3 of Güímar declared the summary secret on this case, in which all open hypotheses are kept.

The delegate has not only appealed to respect the secrecy of summary but also to citizen collaboration, since his work is “fundamental” to establish “some line of investigation added”.

He has invited the citizens to collaborate with the Civil Guard, since “the more evidence the better” to find the whereabouts of the father and the two girls.