They block the Twitch account of Ibai Llanos for an obscene gesture from a guest

Ibai Llanos has been punished by those responsible for the live broadcasting platform “Twitch”, that his account has been blocked because of an obscene gesture from one of his guests who participated in the rap contest broadcast live by the popular “streamer”.

Well, whoever was in the live could already see it. During weekend battles one of the boys showed his ass in a bald rhyme. I desperately screamed a ‘NOOOO’ as he turned around but I couldn’t help myself”, Says Ibai himself through his Twitter account.

The supposed forbidden gesture by the guest will cost Ibai not being able to broadcast on Twitch for a while, depending on the severity of the infraction or the number of times it has been previously blocked.

This is the third time that the account has been temporarily closed for this 26-year-old “streamer” from Bilbao, after those suffered on May 14 and June 11.

“The three times I have been ‘banned’ (blocked) have been for three things totally external to me. There is no context that is worth it, people have the power to ‘ban you’ on Twitch if it comes out of the balls. Be careful who you invite to your channels with. This is the jungle. Take care”, He also added on Twitter.

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The new policies and regulations of Twitch for this 2021 is precisely that users take certain measures and take better care of their words and attitudes, since, according to the platform, “It is the full responsibility of the creators and in turn they have to take into account the consequences of their words and actions on their audiences.”.

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