They attack Shawn Mendes in networks for yelling at his girlfriend, Camila Cabello

They criticize Shawn Mendes in networks for having yelled at Camila Cabello.

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In social networks, fans divided opinions about some comments the singer made Shawn mendes in the podcast ‘Man Enough’, where he gave some details of his personal life, and as expected his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, he couldn’t stay out of the conversation.

Everything was going well until he shared that during a fight he had with Camila, raised his voice to her due to a small inconvenience.

Apparently the singer You did not like that your partner accidentally left a yogurt outside the refrigerator that he wanted to consume and his annoyance was so great that, without thinking about it, he yelled at Camila.

‘Yogurt!’ I raised my voice to him And she said, ‘I don’t like it when you raise your voice. Why did you raise your voice? ‘ I got so defensive and then i screamed: ‘I wasn’t raising my voice to you!’ That was the truth of what happened, “he said about what happened.

In addition, he indicated that after shouting he said: “Who do you think you are?! I am the king”, something that was described by Internet users as misogynistic and macho.

When Mendes was asked if he apologized and corrected his behavior towards Cabello, he admitted that he felt regret and that he is working on it so as not to repeat it.

“It took me like 20 minutes, we were reading separately and then I went back to her to say, ‘God, I’m so sorry,’” she said.

It should be noted that the topic on the most recent episode of the podcast was “toxic masculinity”, so the artist was expected to be honest with his responses in the conversation.

But even though he told it with a humorous tone and he apologized for acting violently, social media users came to the attack for believing that his screams were for a ridiculous reason.

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