“They attack our way of life”

Since the Mossos d’Esquadra detained Pablo Hasél at the University of Lleida on February 16, the demonstrations have been happening day after day in different parts of the Spanish geography. Precisely, this is one of the issues that were being discussed in ‘The Ana Rosa program’, when the presenter decided to give her opinion and criticize the riots without hesitation: « They attack our way of life ».

Ana Rosa Quintana and Mayka Navarro

The city of Barcelona has seen its streets fill with protests that end in assaults on bank branches, shops, attacks on police stations and even significant damage to street furniture, according to Mayka Navarro. While the reporter was narrating these events, the indignation gradually took hold of Ana Rosa Quintana: « These guys don’t break windows, they take things!« , sentence before calling them » chorizos « .

« As we see, this is a demonstration for freedom of expression, but They wear La Perla bras and Nike sneakers« , comments the presenter with gestures of incomprehension. With the passing of the minutes, the images that show the looting and destruction in Barcelona, ​​Ana Rosa has shared her opinion emphatically: » No, is that what they are going is to attack the police, attack our way of life, attack the freedom of trade, attack what is our base of society and there are too many silences in the Catalan Government « , sentence.

Charge against the management of the autonomous government

As collaborators shared their impressions, Ana Terradillos begins to speak of « urban guerrilla » and that they even wait for the Corps and Forces and Security to arrive at the place. Ana Rosa responds forcefully: « That is because they know that the Police do not have the full support of those who have to support them« , he states in clear reference to the Catalan Executive and even links his position to the negotiations » with the CUP.