They assure the ex-boyfriend of Yanet García was unfaithful with an actress

They assure the ex-boyfriend of Yanet García was unfaithful with an actress | Instagram

As they have recently assured, the ex-boyfriend of the beautiful former weather girl, Yanet García, was unfaithful to the famous Mexican actress Martha HigaredaWell, even a few weeks ago they were seen very close together in some photographs.

As you may recall, the former weather girl ended her relationship with Lewis Howes after she decided to open her account on an adult content platform.

The Mexican actress Martha Higareda was recently captured with Lewis Howes, former partner of Yanet García, known as the former weather girl.

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It was there that rumors were unleashed that they would have started a relationship, something that a source close to the actress recently confirmed.

Given these statements, the fans of the model and driver wondered if Howes was unfaithful to him and so he responded.

During an interview with an entertainment magazine, Higareda’s 37-year-old friend confirmed that the actress is dating Lewis Howes, with whom she posed hugging him and the photos went viral on social networks.

It must be remembered that the ex-boyfriend of the influencer decided to end his relationship with the famous after he decided to open his account on an adult content platform.

Yes, they are already there; They wanted to keep it a secret, but a few days ago they gave themselves away because they uploaded photos of an event, where you see that he takes her by the waist and she takes her hand, ” the source told the magazine “TV Notes”

After ending her relationship with Howes, 30-year-old Yanet Garcia began a relationship with 44-year-old David Korins, while Higareda had just broken up with famous creative director David Korins, whom she had been dating for a year and a half.

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Everything seems to indicate that both Lewis Howes and Martha Higareda tried to keep their relationship a secret, however after the publication of the photographs where they are seen together, they decided not to continue hiding it.

It was also announced the reason that led Martha Higareda to end her relationship with Korins, since she would have decided to be a mother and create a family, however, David would have refused since he already has two children, the product of a previous marriage.

This response dismayed Higareda, who considered their position very selfish, so problems began between them a few months ago, which led to a breakup.

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After the end of the relationship, Martha Higareda would have started dating Yanet García’s ex-boyfriend.

It all started when they began to exchange messages, since they had already known each other for a few months, and Howes reacted reciprocally.

As if that were not enough, the source close to Higareda, confirmed that Lewis began to interact with the Mexican actress even before ending with Yanet García, so he showed that he no longer cared about their relationship.

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‘The last straw was that while he was deciding to cut with Yanet, he was already very launched with Martha and they even went out a couple of times. Lewis took advantage of the fact that Martha followed suit and from there he grabbed hold of to finish with Yanet, “revealed the actress’s friend.

According to his statements, the pretext that Howes used to end his relationship with the former weather girl was that he was annoyed that his then partner opened his account on the OnlyFans platform.

In addition, the source also stated that both García and Higareda’s ex were completely unaware that their partners were already dating someone else.

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