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The Resident Evil Village reveal trailer left more questions than answers. So fans are looking forward to Capcom releasing more details from the eighth installment of the horror franchise.

While we already know interesting details about the game, many want to watch gameplay to take a look at the mechanics, the world, and the creatures that will threaten us in this new adventure. According to a renowned insider, Capcom will soon show us more of Resident Evil Village.

Dusk Golem has earned credibility from fans, leaking key details of the new game in the past that were later confirmed. For this reason, fans expect a new trailer in a matter of weeks.

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When will we know more about Resident Evil Village?

Dusk Golem recently revealed more information about the future of Resident Evil Village. According to the insider, there will be a new trailer for the game soon. To be more exact, this would happen next month.

The insider notes that Capcom is preparing a new trailer for August and that during the same month, the company will reveal other things related to the eighth installment. The information seems accurate, as the official page of the game also hints at a preview in August.

The big question to be solved is what day the information will be released from Resident Evil Village. Dusk Golem does not give more details about it, so we do not know if the announcement will be part of an event or not.

On the other hand, an official survey by Capcom suggests that Resident Evil Village may have a demo. It is important to remember that the project is in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC, so it would not reach current consoles.

Plus, we know that Resident Evil Village could be one of the longest installments in the franchise. What is already a fact is that the title will offer greater freedom of exploration without loading times.

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Resident Evil Village will arrive in 2021 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. Here you will find all the information related to the new Capcom title.