They assure that Jenni Rivera’s ex, Esteban Loaiza, will speak with Univision but will not name Chiquis Rivera

Esteban Loaiza, Jenni Rivera’s ex, will speak to Univision in an exclusive interview but will not name Chiquis Rivera.

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Jenni Rivera’s ex, Esteban Loaiza, who has been detained for drug possession since February 2018, will soon be released, according to several sources and even the former de Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, Lorenzo Méndez: “I spoke with him last week, he leaves in August”, confirmed the singer before the cameras of Univision. String for which He will speak upon his release from prison but will not name Chiquis Rivera.

Just now the show business “Chisme No Like” has said that Esteban Loaiza will have an exclusive interview with Univision, but the Instagram account scandalo_o ensures that the contract says that it will not touch on the issue of Chiquis Rivera. If memory is made in time, precisely Esteban Loaiza could be one of the protagonists of the great current problems that Chiquis would have had to take sides in the companies he left the late Jenni Rivera.

Weeks before his death, Jenni Rivera He left his eldest daughter out of inheritance, Chiquis Rivera, after they allegedly appeared on a security camera Chiquis and Esteban Loaiza in a compromising situation. The singer’s daughter has always denied that version and assures that her mother took her out of the will because she did not like the partner she had Chiquis for that moment and not because he believed his daughter capable of having something with Loaiza.

However, Juan Rivera said recently that he was the only one who defended Chiquis Rivera placeholder image when Jenni thought those rumors were true. What will not really happen is that Esteban Loaiza talks about Chiquis Rivera in the interview that he already sold to the television network Univision and that he will do after leaving prison, according to scandalo_o.

Esteban Loaiza He was indicted on charges of possession of 44 pounds of cocaine. At the time he was found guilty of it and admitted that he intended to distribute it. He is currently in the San Diego Central Jail and is now 49 years old. In theory, the rumors said that he should spend almost 10 years in prison, but he has already served three and the countdown to his release from prison has started.

Regarding his relationship with Jenni RiveraAfter two years of marriage, the singer filed for divorce. When asked the reasons, he simply said that there had been mistakes that a woman like her would not tolerate, but the reality is right there began the rumor of the supposed romance between Chiquis and Esteban Loaiza, but this could never be confirmed.

Currently the Rivera family is going through a difficult time. The sons of Jenni Rivera They have demanded detailed accounts from its brothers, Rosie Rivera and Juan Rivera, through an audit of the movements of Jenni’s companies. Remember that Rosie rivera was the person Jenni named in her will as the executor if she died. Chiquis cannot take a legal position because he is not in it. However, his brother Jhonny Lopez and the rest of Jenni’s children requested such accounting. This has brought about any number of clashes on social media between family members.

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