They assure that Frida Sofía leaves the testament of Alejandra Guzmán

They assure that Frida Sofía leaves the testament of Alejandra Guzmán | INSTAGRAM

The information was provided by the father of Frida Sofía and former partner of Alejandra Guzman, Pablo Moctezuma who assured that the famous singer Rock has already removed his daughter from the will and, in addition, the restaurant entrepreneur also denied that his daughter is acting as a form of revenge against her mother.

“I find out that Alejandra I take it off of the inheritanceThat is worth three peanuts for Frida, that’s not the problem here. They are not apartments, they are not cars, I would love if she (Alejandra) would really take a step back and listen to what her daughter has to say a little, “said Pablo.

He also touched on the legal issue that is being done against Enrique Guzman: “Obviously I cannot comment on that because a procedure is being carried out that is required to take this to the last consequences,” he said firmly.

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He even talked about the change of last name of his daughter who is now called Frida Sofía Moctezuma on his social networks: “You don’t know the taste, many years ago we were going to do it, but it was a complicated issue. Even Dona Silvia Pinal was going to help us …”, he said.

He added the following: “The fact is that we had a discussion, there Alejandra ran with her father, that was the advice of Enrique Guzmán, and they registered her … There they took away her identity as such,” he explained.

He also touched on the subject of the alleged case of aggression towards his ex-partner Alejandra Guzmán: “Everything is a lie, I am not a batterer … We were young and Alejandra is very aggressive, and very strong,” he said. With everything and what is happening legally against Don Enrique, Moctezuma wants his daughter and her mother to reconcile: “Nothing would give me more pleasure because I know that they both love each other … I don’t like anyone to suffer.”

“I know that the two love each other, I hope all this comes out quickly, I do not like that anyone suffers the truth,” he said, among other words, in which he assures that he wanted the two to be well and that what happened had not been like that.

Regarding Alejandra, it seems that there is no better therapy to face the pains than to put them on paper and make it part of her new musical proposal as is the theme with which she reappeared in the morning recently.

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The controversies in the life of Alejandra Guzmán have not been easy to digest for the daughter of Enrique Guzmán and Silvia Pinal, who has starred in a strong controversy with her first-born Frida Sofía, however, her way of facing this and other situations is music .

“The Queen of Rock” has taken the most recent statements from her only daughter, Frida Sofía, who in recent days accused her maternal grandfather, Enríque Guzmán, of having committed inappropriate behavior towards her from a very young age.

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