They assure that Eiza González removed her implants and these photos would confirm it

Eiza Gonzalez Not only is she famous for her impeccable acting work, she also became popular for having perfected many physical features with the help of surgeries. However, this time, She appears to have used the scalpel to return her breasts to their natural appearance.

It turns out that in social networks some users assured that the Mexican actress has removed the implants from her breasts recently, because judging by some of his photos, he no longer has them.

Eiza with implants

And it is that there are those who have observed it carefully until discovering that the photos on their platforms would reveal that, instead of being increased, Eiza removed the implants from her breasts.

Without implants

Although these images of González show a change that It could influence the type of clothing you wear or the angle of the shot.

It is worth mentioning that Eiza has never spoken about the arrangements that have been made, but because of the photos of her adolescence it is evident that there has been a great physical transformation in her.

Regardless of this, the famous actress never stopped receiving many compliments for her new appearance, as she has undoubtedly become one of the most beautiful celebrities in HollywoodThis added to her talent that has made the eyes of the world be on her as one of the most recognized future actresses in the industry.



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