They assassinate 9 in Zacatecas … and shootings return to Reynosa

MEXICO CITY. Gunmen stormed a neighborhood in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, and they shot against its inhabitants, with a balance of seven dead.

After these events, which occurred in the Las Flores neighborhood, two people saved their lives by pretending to be dead.

In addition, the bodies of two San Luis Potosí police officers, who disappeared last week during a patrol along the interstate limits, were found hanging from a bridge in the city of Zacatecas.

While, Reynosa It was once again the scene of shootings. Since 8:30 am yesterday, authorities were alerted that armed men were firing shots in the southwest of the city, which led to a chase and a shooting that left two detainees.


A massacre took place in a neighborhood in the municipality of Fresnillo in Zacatecas where armed men entered by force, shooting at the adults in the homes, killing 7 people.

Unfortunately, in the municipality of Fresnillo, there was an attack with firearms that took the lives of seven people; They are four female and three male, this in the Las Flores neighborhood, in the municipality of Fresnillo ”, explained Rocío Aguilar, security spokeswoman for the Zacatecas government.

Seven other people managed to save their lives; These are two adults, who faked their death by deceiving the armed command, and five girls, who witnessed the massacre.

Rocío Aguilar asserted that “in this same place two people were found, a woman and a man, injured, who were transferred to receive medical attention and also five minors who are unharmed were located and they were given care and corresponding receipt ”.

The authorities assure that a special military operation of the National Guard and police has been implemented in the region.

The local coordination group since it learned of these events has been in constant communication, they disapproved of these unfortunate events and the work of reinforcing security in the Zacatecan entity is already being carried out, ”he explained.

In addition to the massacre in Fresnillo, the authorities also report the discovery of human remains abandoned on the public highway in two colonies of the capital of the Zacatecan state.


Two San Luis Potosí police officers who disappeared last week while on patrol on the interstate border were hanged on a bridge in the capital of Zacatecas early Wednesday morning, authorities confirmed.

The lifeless bodies of two male persons were registered around three in the morning where the lifeless bodies of two men were found on a bridge located at the height of the Arroyo de la Plata road, later the State Attorney General’s Office confirmed that these bodies they corresponded to the two elements of the state police reported as not located in the state of San Luis Potosí, so legal procedures are already being carried out so that the bodies are delivered to authorities in the neighboring state, “said Rocío Aguilar, spokeswoman for Security. of the state of Zacatecas.


Once again, the city of Reynosa, in the state of Tamaulipas, woke up with clashes between criminals and police with the result of two suspects arrested, the seizure of a vehicle and weapons.

Information issued by the State Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace confirmed that the events occurred at 08:30 am as part of a citizen surveillance and protection operation carried out by elements of the Ministry of Public Security in the southwest area of ​​the city.

The police officers received the alert call about the presence of some individuals who were carrying out detonations with a firearm.

The persecution began in the Los Muros neighborhoods and ended in the Cumbres neighborhood at the height of Zaragoza Street with Cumbres Boulevard, after the criminals entered a weedy field and from where they were shooting at the officers.

Finally, the agents subdued two individuals and secured a black Grand Cherokee pickup.

Inside the unit there were 2 long guns, 2 ballistic vests, 12 magazines and 3 cartridge belts.

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