“They asked me for $ 300 million to be able to exercise”, complaint of mayor threatened by dissidents in Caquetá

Farc dissidents threaten the mayor of Cartagena del Chairá, who had to leave the municipality Credito Informativo Caquetá Farc dissidents threaten the mayor of Cartagena del Chairá, who had to leave the municipality Credito Informativo Caquetá

The mayor of Cartagena del Chairá, Caquetá, Edilberto Molina Hernández, denounced that, due to death threats against him and his family by the structure 62 of the dissidents of the Farc, He had to travel, on February 15, to the city of Florence to preserve his life and integrity.

“Due to threats from GAOr 62, (Residual Organized Armed Group) led by alias ‘Robledo’, who declared me a military objective and gave me 72 hours to leave the municipality. I also received information from the public force where – with intelligence work – it is presumed that there is going to be an attack against the municipal mayor’s office ”, Molina said at the time, in statements for Noticia Caracol.

This February 21, the president, in an interview with Blu Radio, disclosed the situation he is going through with his family after the threats and said that this armed group asked him for money to be able to return to the municipality.

They asked me for 300 million pesos to be able to serve as mayor, I have never acceded to those claims of the group outside the law “added Molina.

The local president also revealed that he has received complaints from merchants in the municipality who have let him know that they are paying extortion by order of the 62nd front of the dissidents and that they are summoned in rural areas.

He also assured that this would not be the first time that he has been threatened and cited to different rural areas of the municipality, however, he stated that “He has never listened to them.”

We have fixed more than 200 kilometers of tertiary roads where there has never been a state presence, and this has apparently caused them annoyance and as a result of that we believe that they are threats, “he told Blu Radio.

It should be noted that, currently, the president is still with his family in Florence, where they traveled in the company of the Military Forces, while the judicial, military and police authorities guarantee security to return to the municipality.

As a result of this situation, with the presence of all the entities and institutions in charge of security in the department of Caquetá, an extraordinary security council was held.

In an announcement of support for the mayor’s management, the Caquetá Government Secretary, Sandra Rodriguez Pretel, said that they will increase security measures for the president and that the department will not be intimidated by the actions of the violent

Likewise, he stated that the governor of Caquetá, Arnulfo Gasca, ordered the preparation of a document addressed to the National Protection Unit, with which the entity seeks to explain why the security of the mayor of Cartagena del Chairá is being reduced, situation that has been presented since May 2020.

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