A pediatrician and her employee were attacked after she demanded that her neighbors turn down the volume of the music

| 09/07/2020 | ionicons-v5-c17: 39 | Web Writing |

A group of men who participated in a party that violated the health measures imposed by the pandemic of Covid-19 they attacked to two women who came to ask to lower the volume of your celebration.

He video of the cowardly aggression shows the moment when Jalim Rebaje and Assad Baraque, two of the participants of the party In the La Ría building located to the north of the city, they hit the pediatrician Dilia Peñaranda Fairuth and the housekeeper Carmen Pérez, who accompanied the doctor when she went to make the claim.

« My glasses broke, I have multiple bruises (bruises), compromised vision in my left eye, I was all morning at the Iberoamerican Clinic and the Ophthalmology Clinic. I have a huge bump on my eye. Scratches on my face, » said the pediatrician to a local medium.

According to Peñaranda Fairuth, in the apartment of his neighbors Martín Parra and Fanny Franco these types of parties are constantly celebrated, in which people who are not residents of the building are invited, and they consume alcohol and drugs, disturbing the tranquility of the rest of the building. the neighbors.

It is also recent party that even had mariachis and live music, attendees are seen without face masks and without respecting the suggested social distance to reduce the risk of contagion from Covid-19.

According to the pediatrician’s version, when he went to ask them to lower the volume of the party, her neighbor Martín Parra refused to listen to her saying that he did not speak to women, and then his wife Fanny Franco came out to confront her with insults that led to aggression because she slapped her face that sparked the fight.

He video The savage aggression suffered by the 38-year-old doctor and her 57-year-old maid has generated the rejection of the population of Baranquilla, Colombia and of the authorities themselves.

The District Government Secretary, Clemente Fajardo, reported that the building’s administration received a summons for allowing the party, in which all health protocols imposed by the pandemic were violated.