There is no scientific evidence that pets can suffer or transmit the virus

DNA40 –

There is no scientific evidence that the dogs suffer or transmit the COVID-19therefore the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE) asks do not put masks at pets to protect them although it recommends people affected with virus let them dog in the care of a healthy person.

The World Health Organization (WHO) have ensured that today there is no scientific evidence that the pets may suffer or transmit the virus and the RSCE considers that putting masks on dogs “it does not have any benefit” for the animals but on the contrary, since it can stress them.

In addition, they recommend not testing them to find out if they are sick, which does not exempt people from washing their hands well after touching them and not rubbing their eyes or nose, just like before giving them their food.

RSCE veterinarians advise leaving dogs of people who have tested positive in COVID-19 in the care of another healthy person. This temporary caregiver must also take a series of precautions, such as having new feeders and drinkers for the pet.

He also recommends washing and disinfecting the leash and all the material of the pet as well as disposing of all the materials that have been in contact with its sick owner. Furthermore, he adds that the lives of pets will remain absolutely normal because they are not carriers of COVID-19.