They ask the California government to include inmates for vaccination

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California, United States. / 15.01.2021 08:21:49

The legal representatives of some inmates in California, they extended a petition to the state governor, Gavin newsom and the United States District Judge, Jon tigar where prompt vaccination is requested within the institutions, starting with the most vulnerable inmates and thus, reducing hospital demand where complications due to Covid-19.

Currently, inmates in prisons belong to the ¨1B¨ vaccination phase (level 2).

More than 4,000 of 95,000 inmates have a positive test result for SARS-CoV-2. Only in the Central Coast men’s prison, 1 in 3 convicts are infected, in addition to the largest institution for women in the state, where 1 active case is reported for every 10 inmates.

The attorney for the nonprofit Bureau of Prison Law in charge of a class action lawsuit for medical conditions within prisons, Steve Fama, shared that despite how tough the first 9 months of the pandemic were, the increase of Covid-19 cases during the last 30 days have overcome all previous complications.

The staff in charge of the correctional institutions commented that the maximum peak of the pandemic within the facilities was reached on December 20 with a total of 10,721 active cases throughout the system.

Authorities began vaccinating inmates prior to Christmas Eve in housing units and medical centers. Men and women.

2,954 inmates qualified to receive the Covid-19 vaccine at the time, only 10% rejected its administration.

This week, officials began vaccinating employees in the 35 state prisons, these employees belong to phase « 1A », with almost 19,000 workers. More than 2,600 employees are infected statewide and 16 have died.