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La Jornada newspaper
Saturday May 23, 2020, p. a10

Madrid. The Association of Women’s Soccer Clubs (ACFF) requested the Higher Sports Council (CSD) that Iberdrola, the highest category of the branch’s First Division, be classified as a professional league.

In an official statement, the ACFF considered complying with the requirements for the First Division to be declared professional competence, since the association receives millions of euros per season for the sale of its audiovisual rights.

The women’s soccer association highlighted that 30 years after the approval of Sports Law 10/1990, only three competitions are professional: the Santander League, the SmartBank and the Endesa, all male.

The ACFF stated that the Women’s First Division has evolved rapidly in different fields, such as social, sports and economic, within a period of five years since its creation. In addition, it has ensured that all its players have professional contracts.

In the document, it was ensured that the parties have a television presence and audiences that exceed six million spectators per year, including filling large stadiums of professional soccer, thus becoming the third national competition in revenue from the commercialization of their audiovisual rights behind from La Liga and ACB,

Thus, he asked the CSD, the body that corresponds to give the professional competition qualification, to act. “Neither Law 10/1990, nor RD 1835/1991 (…) establish limitations to the CSD in order to qualify as professionals new and different official and state competitions of the same sports modality that meet the established requirements and conditions.

Spanish women’s soccer has undergone a substantial change in the last five years that has allowed it to increase its visibility and recognition.