In Mexico, 42% of domestic workers earn only between one and two minimum wages

Due to the health contingency, many domestic workers lost their jobs, stopped receiving their wages or simply no longer applied for their services, so the Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón and Participant (the production house of the film “Roma”) launched the campaign “Take care of who cares for you” in order to raise awareness among employers about the situation of these 2.3 million Mexican women.

We seek to sensitize employers and ask them to keep the wages of domestic workers in quarantine intact, ”said Marcelina Bautista, director of the Center for Support and Training for Domestic Employees (CACEH), an organization that also promotes this campaign.

Through a video and the support in social networks of personalities such as Yalitza Aparicio and Marina de Tavira, in addition to the same Cuaron, invite employers to show solidarity and continue to pay their wages to these workers during quarantine.

“Housework represents many other things more than just salary. Many of these women have given a lot for their employers, they are there when they get sick, when they need food, when they go to work and come back to find everything clean, they take care of their children and have their food ready, “Bautista listed in a chat with López-Dóriga Digital.

Discrimination and exploitation prevail

The also advocate for the rights of domestic workers denounced that many employers today are asking for hiring requirements such that these women come from places where there are no infections of COVID-19.

But they are going to have to use transportation to get there, so we cannot guarantee that they will arrive healthy, ”said Bautista. “These are conditions that we are going to look at to see how women workers can get to their jobs safely, but also what conditions are set by employers, who sometimes offer a miserable salary.”

In Mexico, 42% of domestic workers earn only between one and two minimum wages, she stressed.

Discrimination and exploitation also persist in the case of “factory” domestic workers, conditions that many times they have to endure to keep their jobs, she said.

Bautista also asked employers to respect the rights of domestic workers, such as vacations, bonuses and rest days without being conditioned by them.

The contingency also had a very strong impact on domestic workers who, in addition to being unemployed and without wages, were also unable to communicate with their families in their places of origin, “he said.

The association chaired by Bautista is undertaking various actions, such as supporting for three months with 2,000 pesos the workers who were left without jobs and who cannot access other types of programs because they are not registered with Social Security or because they do not have a contract.

Various organizations, such as Fondo Semillas, Hogar Justo Hogar, ILSB, Nosotrxs, UN Women, Sinactraho and Wiego, participate in the “Take care of who cares for you” campaign.

On the page there is more information about the actions being taken and how to support them.

With information from Carlos Tomasini