They ask Sánchez if he understands better with Yolanda Díaz or with Iglesias and he settles the issue like this

The Minister of Labor and new third vice president, Yolanda Díaz (i), promises her new position before King Felipe VI and the President of the Government. (Photo: Juan Carlos Hidalgo.)

Carlos Franganillo interviewed Pedro Sánchez on TVE this Monday, where he made two big headlines: the Government is preparing a package of measures to lower the price of electricity and he himself will be at the head of the dialogue table with the Generalitat of Catalonia.

″ Is it easier to get along with Yolanda Díaz than with Pablo Iglesias? ”, The presenter asked the Prime Minister.

“Well, they are different characters,” Sánchez said about the former vice president and leader of United We Can and about the current Minister of Labor.

“The only thing I can tell you, from the point of view of what the Government represents, I count on the loyalty of United We Can, in the voting we are seeing it,” he began by saying.

The president has also commented that the PSOE “is a party that reflects the feelings of the street” that has “a more entrenched government culture” than Unidos Podemos, which, according to Sánchez, “is still a party of social activists.”

“Going from social activism to what institutional politics represents requires effort. I believe that they are doing this transition, but governing means that: it means reconciling what is desirable with the maximum that we can achieve as far as possible, ”Sánchez declared to settle the question.

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