They ask for improvements in lights in the Historic Center, for security, tourism and commerce

Given the fact that the higher levels of light at night give people a sense of security when walking or passing through the streets, the president of the Human Rights Commission of the Congress of Mexico City, Temístocles Villanueva Ramos, He demanded that the capital authorities maintain the lighting of polygons A and B of the Historic Center.

He said that lighting in optimal conditions also allows the time of night physical activity to be increased, in addition to promoting the increase in social interactions, so it is essential to frequently review the conditions in which the electrical service of the capital is located.

In this regard, the popular representative of the bench of the parliamentary fraction of Morena, promoted the exhortation of the Historic Center Authority to provide maintenance to the public lighting of polygons A and B of the Centro neighborhood, Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.

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He argued that lighting in this sense is an essential security measure, which is used both to prevent accidents and to prevent criminal acts.

He noted that, on occasions, public lighting is also used for ornamental purposes; for example, to highlight iconic buildings or to decorate squares and parks at night.

The Moreno deputy noted that « electric power has direct effects on citizen security, because it denotes a change in the perception of security and provides new opportunities for people to develop various activities at night and move with greater certainty. »

Likewise, the legislator of District 9 insisted that public lighting favors the metropolis in many ways and can also promote tourism and commerce. In addition, higher levels of light at night give people a sense of security when walking or commuting on the streets, increasing the time of night physical activity and promoting increased social interactions, physical and mental well-being of people and increasing the sense of belonging of the community.

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