They ask an ICU patient if he was vaccinated and his answer is to reflect for a while

A person is vaccinated at the Zendal Hospital in Madrid. (Photo: .)

Alberto Juan Martínez, ICU nurse at the Reina Sofía Hospital in Murcia, has shared on Twitter a conversation he has had with a patient that gives a lot to reflect on the pandemic, its end and vaccines.

“ICU patient admitted for respiratory failure due to Covid, 67 years old. Question: ‘Didn’t you have time to get vaccinated?’ He literally answers ‘Hosts, another one is the same, I did not get vaccinated because it does not come out of the balls’. It is not necessary to add more ”, has written the sanitary.

His tweet has become a viral phenomenon with more than 1,500 retweets and 5,000 ‘likes’ in one day, which has led Martínez to point out that “luckily people like him are a minority, even if they make so much noise at times”.

“I suppose that we have that moral duty to attend even to those who win hard that they do not attend,” has responded to another user.

That vaccines work is evidence. A devastating data is enough as proof: 73% of the 774 patients admitted to the ICU during the month of July in Catalan hospitals were not vaccinated, 12% who were partially vaccinated and 15% who had received the full schedule.

At a press conference, the Secretary of Public Health of the Generalitat, Carmen Cabezas, explained this Wednesday that 63.5% of the 4,790 patients who have entered the ward were not vaccinated, while 10.2% were partially vaccinated and 26.3% who had received the complete guideline.

Cabezas added that part of those admitted are from age groups whose vaccination was open but who have not been asked “if they have not wanted to or have not been able” to do so, and has insisted on the importance of the complete pattern in the face of such a transmissive variant like the Delta.

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