They arrested a policeman who they accuse of having taken a backpack from a woman with a baby in her arms


A policeman was arrested in the Buenos Aires town of Florencio Varela, accused of having assaulted a woman who was carrying her baby in her arms and who snatched her backpack from her back.

The fact, which became known in the last hours, actually occurred last Tuesday, around 2:00 p.m., at a bus stop, a few meters from the intersection of streets 1148 and 1149, in the south of the suburbs.

At that moment, a woman who was holding her baby was approached by a man who came from behind and snatched her backpack with her personal belongings.

According to the sources consulted by the . agency, the victim notified the police personnel who were in the area and the troops began to pursue the assailant, who while escaping was discarding some of the stolen elements.

The assailant turned out to be a member of the same security force The assailant turned out to be a member of the same security force

Moments later, security agents intercepted the suspect and managed to reduce him although he tried to resist. Later, they discovered that it was a partner of the force.

The detainee was identified by investigators as Cesar Augusto Quiroga, 38, who serves at the 5th police station. of Lanús, and the crime of “simple robbery in degree of attempt” is imputed to him.

The accused was at the disposal of the prosecutor Nuria Gutierrez, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 4 of Florencio Varela, who requested his formal detention since, in case of being convicted in a future oral trial, and given the characteristics of the event and the perpetrator of the event, Quiroga could try to use contacts within the force to remain evasive before the judicial call.

Members of the Buenos Aires Police (Gustavo Gavotti) Members of the Buenos Aires Police (Gustavo Gavotti)

In mid-February, a similar event was also known, although in that case it involved an agent of the City: everything happened in Villa del Parque, when a woman heard the alarm of her Ford Focus car and left his house to see what happened. When he left, he found an incredible situation: a uniformed man was sitting inside the vehicle, searching everything around him. Like he’s looking for something.

Surprised, the owner of the car approached, asked the officer what he was doing there and received an unusual explanation. The man told him that since the window was down, he had entered to look for the documentation and thus find its owner to notify him of the alleged neglect. However, there was something that did not close the woman, so she decided to inspect the Ford Focus herself until she realized what she feared.

Realized that to the envelope with cash that he had left under the passenger seat it lacked 50,000 pesos, when initially it had 72,000. Without waiting for the cash to leave, he immediately called 911 and accused the uniformed man of having stolen the money he had hidden.

As the victim told the police who responded to the call, the thief took advantage of the fact that the window was down, entered the vehicle and took the loot. Police sources told . that the entire sequence was observed by a witness, who had been the one who gave notice to the cash that the Ford Focus was with the windows down.

Until that moment, the episode still presented some confusion, since it was the word of the victim against that of the thief. But before the patrol car left, something happened that turned the case around. The woman observed that at the foot of a tree, covered with debris around her house, there were several $ 500 bills. It was the 50,000 pesos that were missing from his envelope. The policeman accused of robbery had no choice but to admit the fact. He was detained and removed from his post while the investigation is being carried out.

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