They arrest the suspect of running over and killing Nicki Minaj’s father – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – .

The US police have arrested the alleged perpetrator of the deadly hitting of the singer’s father Nicki Minaj on Wednesday and he fled without calling an ambulance, reports CBS News.

Authorities identified the driver as Charles Polevich, 70, who ran over Robert Maraj, 64, last Friday in Mineola, a town near New York. The man was admitted to a hospital in critical condition. Doctors could do nothing for his life and he was pronounced dead on Saturday.

According to police, Polevich stopped briefly to see if the injured man was okay, but did not ask for help. “He was absolutely aware of what was going on,” Nassau County Sheriff’s Detective Stephen Fitzpatrick said during a news conference, according to the AP.

“He got out of the car and looked at the deceased, got in his car and made a conscious decision to drive away rather than call 911 or an ambulance for the man,” Fitzpatrick said. “He went home and hid the vehicle,” he added.

Detectives used video footage captured by surveillance cameras to track down the car involved in the accident.

Carol Maraj, the victim’s widow, told Newsday her family was relieved by the progress in the case. “I am very, very, very happy about the arrest,” the woman commented, adding that all of Maraj’s children “are happy” that the alleged culprit in their father’s death was captured.

Rapper Nicki Minaj spoke in several interviews about her complicated relationships with her father, noting that the man struggled with an addiction to drugs and alcohol and physically and psychologically abused his mother.