They arrest in León a murderer of a man in Colinas de la Hacienda

Millennium Digital

Leon / 18.02.2021 13:20:29

The State Attorney General’s Office detained Jordi Fernando « N » accused of the crime of homicide to the detriment of a man, obtaining his link to a criminal process in León, after the accusations made by a specialized agent of the Public Ministry.

The events happened the night of October 31, when the victim was living together on Balcón de la Joya street in the colony Hills of the Hacienda; The accused today, arrived at the place and when he located the victim, he took out a firearm with which he fired at him, causing his death on the spot.

After the event, the Specialized Unit for Homicide Investigation of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office A, and the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC), began the investigations, which clarified the way in which the aggressor acted, managing to identify and locate the probable accused.

Once he was apprehended, Jordi Fernando « N » was brought before a Judge, where the specialized agent of the Public Ministry presented the evidence included in the investigation file that incriminates him in the homicide of Brayan « N », the judge ruling favorably to the request of this social representation to link him to criminal proceedings with a precautionary measure of preventive detention.