they arrest a 40-year-old woman for sending messages and photos to a 12-year-old boy

A 40-year-old woman was arrested in the province of Catamarca after being denounced for sending messages and photos to a 12-year-old boy through her cell phone. If the tests confirm the existence of this, She will be the first woman charged with this type of incident that is carried out through new technologies. (chat, social networks, etc.), and it is from an adult to a minor with an explicit or implicit sexual intention.

The complaint was made on Thursday in Judicial Unit No. 9 by a 32-year-old woman against another 40-year-old who accused of sending messages and photos to his 12-year-old son. After the complaint, an operation was mounted and the suspect was arrested.

According to the report of the complainant, on Wednesday afternoon, when her son went out to play ball, he observed that a message arrived on the boy’s cell phone in which he could read: « Hello, love » and the photo of him. sent was from an older woman. Before the observed He decided to open the cell phone and read the messages that the woman sent him.

According to the complaint, the accused woman he would have managed to gain the boy’s trust and photos would have been exchanged so it could be determined that he was an older person.

Faced with the discovery, he spoke with his son, who told him that the woman had told him that she was 30 years old and that although he had told her her age, 12 years old, she insisted on meeting each other and sending photos.

With this story, the woman went to the Judicial Unit and made the complaint exposing the screenshots of the messages and displaying her son’s cell phone where the woman did not stop sending messages, those that were answered by the mother of the child posing as it. It would have been at that moment when the suspect sent other messages insistently proposing a meeting to meet in person with the minor.

He instructed the child to agree to meet on National Route 38, on the corner of Manuel Pedraza Avenue, at the level of the «Refinor» service station, in the southern part of the city. To which the mother, always posing as her son, answered yes.

In this context, the prosecutor on duty ordered immediate measures that were carried out by Investigations personnel. A bolt operation was set up in the agreed place and it was around 3:20 on Thursday that the woman appeared and when she tried to approach the minor she was arrested.

Meanwhile, different tests were carried out and, according to preliminary reports, in the messages sent by the woman to the child there was no sexual connotation. Other pending evidence items are also expected.