They are the reinforcements that will join EXATLON USA

Telemundo Dave Sappelt with his safe conduct medal.

Something that the fifth season of Exatlon United States has left us, during its long, dense and emotional journey, is that we should never assume anything because just when we believe that everything is in order, athletes are expelled from the competition, the more injured are they add to the list, and in this case new reinforcements arrive at the competition. Yes, as you read it, new reinforcements will join Exatlon United States, six months after its start.

The news was revealed by different portals for fans, which always provide accurate and truthful information about everything that happens in the Dominican Republic. The witness scene of the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet”. At the beginning, it was known that four reinforcements would arrive, two per team, a man and a woman for each. But then, those same portals have reported that women will first arrive in the competition arenas, and then it will be men who join.

They will be the reinforcements that add to the competition

Much has been said about the women who will join Exatlon United States, there was talk of women from other seasons and there was even a rumor that Alondra “Nona” González, emblematic participant for Team Famosos in the fourth season and who He reached the last circuit with champion Nate Burkhalter, he would return to Exatlon again but everything indicates that this is most likely not the case.

In the video, courtesy of the Madison Entertainment portal, they assure that the women who join the competition are not names that we already know. On the contrary, they are new women who will join the competition to provide all their strength and make points for their team in a truly crucial stage, where there is no longer any margin for error. They are very close to the start of individual competitions! Their names are: Genesis Romero for the Contestants, and Diana Juarez for the Famous. But we still have to wait to receive official confirmation from those who will join the competition.


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As is customary, Exaatlon United States supporters were quick to express their opinions regarding the eventual arrival of reinforcements. One follower said: “I don’t agree that more reinforcements come for any of the teams is unfair; because those who are very tired and the new ones come fresh with all the strength and many things. Which automatically give them an advantage. “

This follower, on the other hand, provides a very important point, which is the inequality between men and women: “The Famous lack a man not a woman, they are only 3 reds against 4 blues and if it is going to be a good reinforcement Yes It’s going to be another Dania, they better leave them as they are.

At this point in the competition each athlete is defining the strategies that would advance them to the individual stages. We have seen a very strong Dave Sappelt scoring non-stop points and beating the strongest of the Contestants, and some strong women continue to do the same to raise the caste for their teams. The truth of the fifth season of Exatlon United States is that anything could happen.

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