They are safe! Social pressure drives the rescue of Spike and Spay

Activists and users of social networks raised their voices to ask the Puebla government authorities to rescue Spike and Spay, the two little dogs that fell into the sinkhole in Santa María Zacatepec last Tuesday. The pressure paid off and this Thursday afternoon Civil Protection personnel and firefighters achieved the feat.

Fatima Ortega, owner of Spay, commented that for now she will not receive her pet at home, as she will have to undergo a veterinary examination of at least two days, in order to confirm that the dog is physically healthy.

While Spike, the name with which he was baptized, will also be kept under observation and waiting for some animal protection association to find him a home, Fatima told the press who was in the place. She did not rule out that she is the one who can incorporate the “lomito” into her family.

According to various testimonies, Spay ran across the field where the sinkhole is located while playing with Spike when they fell through the hole. At first it was said that they probably had not survived, until a video of the Animal Rescue and Life Support Unit (URSVA) went viral where they were seen alive, but bewildered.

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Various civil organizations and activists raised their voices on social networks to ask that both be rescued. Through illustrations, Facebook tags and tweets, a call was made to Miguel Barbosa, governor of Puebla, and the local government, as they even qualified the omission as animal abuse.

This morning, the Secretary of the Interior of Puebla, Ana Lucía Hill Mayoral commented that the authorities valued the rescue of the two dogs so as not to put human lives at risk, since the 6,600 square meter sinkhole continues to grow; however, the same civil organizations offered to save them.

The URSVA published on Facebook that the Animal Services and Emergency Unit had the necessary tools to carry out the rescue, but that they still did not have the approval of the local government. It was this afternoon when Miguel Barbosa issued the order to remove the dogs.

After a light rain in the area of ​​the sinkhole, Spay and Spike were removed in a coordinated act between Civil Protection and firefighters. The population that witnessed the rescue applauded and cheered on those who participated in the event, something that was also celebrated on social networks.

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