You have asked us through our WhatsApp verification service (+34 682 58 96 64) for an image where you can see a series of messages stating that the cases have been triggered by COVID-19 in the municipality of Fraga (Huesca) with more than 100 confirmed cases and that the Sotet ward is being converted into a hospital. Is FALSE.

The Fraga City Council (Huesca) has enabled the Sotet pavilion to welcome temporary workers who move to the region in search of work for the fruit campaign and who do not have a home, not for COVID-19 patients, as confirmed by the City Council. Although it has not yet been put into operation, since they are waiting for the management protocol of the Social Services of the Bajo Cinca Region, which is who has the powers of the municipalities in the area.

The facilities are prepared to welcome a maximum of 30 people who do not have accommodation to prevent them from sleeping on the street, in substandard housing or in uncontrolled settlements, the Fraga City Council said in a statement. The pavilion also has a reserved space in the event that the field workers need to carry out quarantines for COVID-19 and cannot isolate themselves on their respective farms.

“It must be a bridge for all those workers who have not found a home and that allows sufficient time for the agricultural entrepreneur, or the worker himself, to find permanent accommodation for the entire campaign,” they explain from the City Council.

Fraga Pavilion enabled to welcome homeless seasonal workers

As for the alleged upturn in cases, according to the data provided by the city council to, There are 117 people in coronavirus follow-up in the Bajo Cinca region, with a population of almost 25,000, not exclusively in Fraga. They explain that these 117 are not contagions but that they present possible symptoms and they are being followed up to confirm if they are positive in COVID-19.

From the Ministry of Health of Aragon they say they have no record of an outbreak of a hundred people in that area on May 25, but they do not rule out that in the next few weeks cases will increase due to the start of the season of collecting the fruit.

In addition, since April 13, Aragón reports less than 100 cases per day by COVID-19 in the autonomous community and the latest available figure, which corresponds to Sunday, May 24, includes 19 new cases per day.

The city council of Fraga has also confirmed to that “the mayor is not going to call the army nor does she have any plans”, as one of the messages from the WhatsApp chain assures.