They approve that congressmen undergo a test to rule out vaccination Peru News

The Plenary of the Congress of the Republic approved the request for the 130 parliamentarians to undergo an examination to verify whether they received the vaccine against COVID-19 from the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm.

This measure is taken after the Vacunagate case was revealed, in which senior officials from the Martín Vizcarra government took advantage of their positions to receive immunization irregularly before the national plan.

After more than four hours, the Legislature supported with 111 in favor the motion that the Popular Action bench presented, although there are no details of what examination will be able to comply with this request.

The approved text also includes an exhortation to senior officials, such as the heads of autonomous bodies, ministers, regional governors, to undergo the same examination and rule out whether any actually received the vaccine.

“Provide that the 130 Congressmen of the Republic, for the sake of transparency and public objectivity; A Post Vaccine Neutralizing Antibody Titration Expertise is carried out, in order to rule out that any parliamentarian has been vaccinated with the batch of vaccines provided by the Sinopharm laboratory, for the purposes of clinical trials and that are a matter of public reproach. Congressmen will assume the cost of the Post Vaccine Neutralizing Antibody Titration test

Likewise, urge that the heads of the Office of the Ombudsman, Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, Presidency of the Supreme Court, Board of Supreme Members, Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation, Board of Supreme Prosecutors, Members of the National Elections Jury, National Office of Processes Electoral (ONPE), National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC), National Board of Justice, Magistrates of the Constitutional Court, as well as current ministers and former ministers of State who have held office since July 2020; said expert opinion is carried out in order to rule out whether they have benefited from said vaccines « 

Motion approved by the Plenary of Congress

This motion also includes creating a commission of three parliamentarians to evaluate the appropriate test to verify the vaccination of officials. The group will have a period of 15 days to make the corresponding contacts.

Manuel Merino, from Acción Popular, mentioned that this rule reaches 130 congressmen, including those with a license such as Francisco Sagasti, who joins the presidency of the transitional Republic.

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