“They already ran me out of Today”, driver pleads for work in the program

“They already ran me out of Today”, driver begs work in program | Instagram

“They already ran me from Today”, those were the words of Jorge Van Rankin that surprised viewers during their participation in the television show Me Caigo de Risa. El Burro said at the end of the broadcast in which he was invited that if they could give him a job since he had been Today program.

Raúl Araiza’s partner left those present puzzled after he claimed not to be part of the cast of Today and will request the MCDR producer for work; this he did after he received an award for being the winner of the Dysfunctional Family night.

Faisy introduced the Mexican conductor of the famous morning of Televisa and Jorge went on to receive his award with great emotion, it was there that he launched his words in search of employment, something that the presenter of the program did not expect, but took to good.

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If they have a little chambita can they talk to me? Because they already fired me from Hoy, said Andrea Legarreta’s partner.

At his words, Faisy replied to the Donkey Van Rankin that he is already part of the family of I fall out of laughter and you can return whenever you want, so it will not be astonishing to see the actor also in the entertainment program.


Probably, Van Rankin was only joking during the program, this after the rumors that Andrea Rodríguez Doria will want to remove him from the morning and that he even gave him increasingly distant participations in it.

Another version is the one given by the two members of Hoy’s production who were supposedly fired and assured that Van Rankin was being pressured by sister Rodríguez that if he did not rise in the program’s rating, he would be fired.

In the official Instagram account of the Hoy Program you can see El Burro being part of the driving on March 30, will it be that between jokes the truth appears? On the other hand, Van Rankin continues to be part of Members on Air where he shares credits with two colleagues from Hoy, Raúl Araiza and Paúl Stanley.

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Jorge Van Rankin had a good time in Me Caigo de Risa, where he even taught too much, this during a dance steps contest in which he showed that he can definitely be the king of the dance floor. Van Rankin’s charisma and personality have cataloged him as one of the most beloved conductors of Mexican television, so it will not be surprising that if he leaves the Hoy Program very soon he will be in a new project.