they already exceed a hundred infections

Vero Brunati

04/05/2021 at 6:21 PM CEST

Argentina faces the second wave of COVID-19 and Argentine football is not immune to the onslaught of the virus. Last week the country re-registered the highest peak of infections since October 2020 with 16,056 positive cases. And the Argentine League has exceeded one hundred infected in professional soccer camps since it began on February 12.

In the preview of the eighth date only seven of the 26 teams did not register contagions to date: Aldosivi, Atlético Tucumán, Defensa, Godoy Cruz, Newells, Talleres and Velez. Coronavirus infections multiply in the campuses before the silence of everyone, the Professional League, the AFA, the affected clubs and their rivals. And the ball keeps rolling as if nothing happened.

Since the beginning of the tournament there were more than 100 infections between players, coaches and leaders, of which 17 occurred only in Sarmiento de Junin, the team that suffered the strongest outbreak of the 26 participating in the tournament and that added good news in the last hours: the discharge it received his coach, Mario Sciacqua, 50, who remained in the hospital.

Today three more cases were added: Estudiantes La Plata confirmed the positives of Jorge Rodriguez and Emiliano González, who were already isolated in a preventive manner and will not be taken into account for the match against Banfield from this night. And in Independiente it was confirmed that the goalkeeper Sebastian Sosa, Red figure, did not pass the rapid test and was automatically referred to perform the corresponding swab to confirm the contagion. And it will be ruled out for Sunday’s classic against Racing.

But in the club they do not rule out that there are more cases since the youth Juan Pacchini and Patrick Ostachuk presented symptoms on Sunday, and did not attend practice for prevention. The team that leads Cesar Falcioni had already suffered casualties due to Covid from Silvio Romero and Braian martinez, who are already recovered and available to the coach.

The wave of COVID infections has expanded since March 18, when Sarmiento de Junin confirmed 17 positive cases: Yamil Garnier, Frederick Mancinelli, Nicholas Bazzana, Lautaro Montoya, Facundo Castet, Manuel Garcia, Gabriel Graciani, Frederick Vismara, Yair Arismendi, Claudio Pombo, Sebastian Corner, Mario Sciacqua (Technical Director), Gerardo Alfaro (Field Assistant), Mario Rodriguez (doctor), Mauro Ferraiuolo (doctor), Osvaldo Cisneros (masseuse), Nestor Herrera (prop), Lucas Vargas (prop), Federico Quinteros (prop).

The campus doctor, Mario rodriguez, the virus was infected having received the first vaccine Sputnik. “Unfortunately, and despite being vaccinated with the two doses, I have been infected and he said that it is described that despite being vaccinated you can be infected again,” what the vaccine assures you is having very mild symptoms & rdquor ;, he explained.

Fencing Gymnastics La Plata It is another of the most affected clubs with 18 infections. And he had to face the game against Lanús on Saturday with his team decimated. And with two players with COVID on the field: Marcelo weigandt and German Guiffrey. Lanús will have to be expectant with the derivations in his players of having shared the playing field with two footballers who were tested negative before the game and were positive.

The silver team already has among its infected with Matías Pérez García, Thomas Fernandez, Rodrigo Rey, Leonardo Morales, Harrinson Mancilla, Matías Melluso, Victor Ayala and Lucas Barrios (Headlines), Nelson Insfran, Bruno Palazzo, Rodrigo gallo, Antonio Napolitano and Bautista Barros Schelotto, Facundo Juarez (video analyst), Marcelo biagiola (treasurer, who travels with the team) and Gabriel Perrone (technical secretary). All remain isolated and monitored by the medical corps.

In Banfield Four players also tested positive last Friday: Luciano Gomez, Emanuel Coronel and Jesus Dátolo, and Alexis Sosa. And they were preventatively isolated Jonah gutierrez and Nicolas Linares.

Union reported that on Wednesday Federico Vera She presented mild symptoms compatible with Covid-19, “which is why a swab was performed, yielding a positive result, while the tests of the rest of the campus were negative & rdquor ;. Central Córdoba, one of the clubs that had not yet suffered from cases, had Francisco Cerro isolated by coronavirus, although he has already returned to the campus.

In Racing, Juan Antonio Pizzi for now he breathes relieved since the last test all his players were negative. Since February 23, and this last weekend was the first since the championship began that it could have all its players. Since it was infected Eugenio Mena, that the Academy could not cut the chain of infected. And suffered last month the casualties of Sigali, Soto, Arias, Alcaraz, Banega, Marcelo Diaz, Chila Gomez, Orban, Mauricio Martinez, Melgarejo.

The Patronato de Paraná Club experienced the death of its president, Michelangelo Hollmann, who lost his life on March 23 after catching the coronavirus last January and suffering from other pre-existing diseases.

A year ago, Argentine soccer was paralyzed for six months at the beginning of the pandemic in the country, to take care of the health of soccer players and their families. Today, in the face of the wave of infections, the football organizations, the AFA and the Professional League are silent, and the ball does not stop while the virus spreads between the campuses, and the disease requires quick responses, to avoid greater evils