They affirm that Alex Rodríguez “is in shock” due to the reunion between JLo and Ben Affleck – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Intrelíneas

Former baseball player Alex Rodríguez is in shock after learning of the various versions that indicate that there is a love reunion between his ex-partner Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

The middle E! News revealed that a source informed them that Alex Rodríguez is very surprised at the rumors of a reunion between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck a few days after they ended their relationship.

A few weeks ago Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodríguez announced the end of their relationship when they already had wedding plans and now it has been reported that the singer and actor Ben Affleck spent a few days together.

It should be remembered that Affleck also ended his relationship with Cuban actress Ana de Armas a few months ago.

Over the weekend, Jlo and Affleck were captured together in Montana, so faced with a possible love reunion, the former MLB player would be surprised.

AND! News revealed that Alex Rodríguez came to think “that they would be able to overcome the breakup and have a reunion. He has tried to talk to J.Lo to meet up but she has been very curt with him ”.

The alleged source close to the baseball player assures that Alex is in shock at the meeting of the Bronx diva and the “Justice League” actor.

Since the rumors about the reunion of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck began, people close to celebrities have assured that it would only be a friendship since both go through difficult times after the end of their respective relationships.

“Obviously they have a romantic history but so far they only have a friendly relationship. They both admire each other professionally, respect each other and feel comfortable together, “an anonymous person told ET.

Another source said that between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck there is a friendship that has been maintained through the years.

The couple known in their time as “Bennifer” ended their relationship 17 years ago when they had wedding plans, but since then they have maintained a friendship.

Rumors indicate that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez began to “meet again” virtually since February when the singer was filming her new movie in the Dominican Republic while going through a major crisis with Alex Rodríguez.

TMZ said Ben and J.Lo started emailing each other while texting “you’re beautiful and I wish I was there.”

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