They accuse Fisher’s of not complying and the brand defends its employees

Earlier this week, a series of videos began to circulate on social networks showing an alleged confrontation between staff from the Fisher’s restaurant in Polanco and staff from the Administrative Verification Institute (Invea).

The first reports indicated that these confrontations occurred after the capital agency arrived at the place to verify compliance with the health measures related to the pandemic.

After the review, the authorities found that apparently they were not being complied with, at the same time that the main activity of said premises was the sale of alcoholic beverages, for which the business activities were suspended.

In a file provided by Invea through social networks, it was indicated that after these events, Fisher’s personnel attacked the agency’s staff, while damaging the car in which the capital workers arrived at the place.

Additionally, Invea affirmed that security elements from Arcadia as well as from the capital’s police arrived to the place to give security to its workers.

Given what happened, it was indicated that two people were detained for what happened, while Invea filed a complaint for damage to property and threats, given the apparent attitude taken by Fisher’s staff.

After the information card sent by Invea and six days after what happened, Fisher’s put forward a position on the matter, they indicated that their employees made a “peaceful resistance after an arbitrary review by the authorities.”

In a text published from its official Twitter account, the restaurant chain indicated that on November 11 they had already received the view of the Invea verifiers, where they complied with the 40 piunyos of the review, receiving the corresponding act to continue operating.

In said document, signed by the lawyer Jose Luis Nassar DawFisher’s indicates that “on Saturday, November 14 in the afternoon, the same verifying agents returned arguing that we did not comply with the regulations to operate the restaurant, and illegally placed suspension stamps. Due to the unjustified act, the restaurant’s staff and managers offered peaceful resistance to the arbitrary decision of the institute. Given this, the INVEA requested reinforcements to the city police and upon arriving at the establishment we were subjected to a series of arbitrary acts, unnecessary and excessive use of force by the police authorities ”.

“Additionally, we confirm that none of our executives was arrested. This is totally false, because by his own foot our manager went to the government office to file the complaint with the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City, for abuse of authority and excessive use of public force, however, it was private of his freedom arbitrarily and placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry without having accredited the constitutional requirements to be detained “, he stressed while claiming” we make our disagreement public and we remain at the disposal of the authorities so that the pertinent investigations can be carried out. “

Without a doubt, this problem is one where no brand wants to be involved. This is an aspect that, in addition to affecting his reputation (after the accusation of not complying with health measures), puts him in question with an authority, a position that could be unfavorable.

The truth is that coming to the defense of its employees speaks well of the firm, which, regardless of consequences, defended one of its great assets with apparent evidence.