These will be the protagonists of the remake of Matilda on Netflix

These will be the protagonists of the remake of Matilda on Netflix (AP)

These will be the protagonists of the remake of Matilda on Netflix | AP

As you know, Netflix in collaboration with Sony Pictures they are preparing a new version of “Matilda”, the 1996 film that was directed by Danny DeVito and that managed to win millions of hearts and is still remembered by many to this day.

Undoubtedly Matilda is a film that has become a classic of cinema, it was released in 1996 and is directed by the actor Danny DeVito, who participated in it in the role of Harry Wormwood, the dishonest father of the little girl. Matilda, who in addition to not fitting in with her family, was possessed of supernatural powers that made her even more special.

And although much has been said that at the time the film did not hit the box office, with the passage of time, it became a classic and a must see sometime in life.

This is how this 2021, 20 years after the famous film was released, the remake of history, all this from the hand of the streaming giant: Netflix.

However, before the emotion leaps from the hearts, it must be taken into account that the new version will have some differences, for example, that the story will be a musical.

Also, it is not known for sure how attached this version may be to the 1996 film or to the Roald Dahl novel, on which it is based.

The idea of ​​the musical will be led by Matthew Warchus, the director of the staging “Matilda”, which had a great acceptance and excellent critics, who is in charge of the project, which is a collaboration between Netflix and Sony Pictures.

It was through social media that Netflix confirmed the names of the main characters of the new version and although it was already known that the teacher Miel would be played by actress Lashana Lynch, Alisha Weir’s name is also known as Matilda and Emma Thompson’s as Tronchatoro.

Now, we just have to wait for the good “uncle Netflix” to know the release date of this story that undoubtedly marked several generations who grew up calling the chocolate cake “Bruce’s cake”.

As you may recall, in 1996, the legendary Mara Wilson (one of the movie prodigies) became Matilda in a film directed by and starring Danny DeVito that did justice to Dahl’s story by putting Pam Ferris in the role of the terrifying Tronchatoro, throwing children into the air and forcing others to eat a whole cake in front of the entire school.

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The version of the 90s is warm, somewhat dark, intelligent and fun, a classic that continues to mark the children of the new generations and that definitely has a place in the list of the best children’s films ever.

This is how we jump to 2021 and Matilda It is still one of the most popular stories, and that is why Netflix is ​​now preparing a new movie with which it seeks to bring Rald Dahl and his charismatic heroine to streaming.

It should be mentioned that this can be a very good thing or a complete disaster, however, Netflix is ​​going to try and already has a few actors in mind.

Matilda will be a fresh and imaginative remake of the award-winning musical Matilda, featuring talented young newcomers alongside established stars, “said director Matthe Warchus, who also directed the hit Tony and Olivier award-winning Broadway musical.

“I look forward to presenting this beloved and powerful story to a new generation of fans around the world,” he added.

As we mentioned earlier, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will feature original music, but it will fully resemble the Roald Dahl story that we all already know.

It is worth mentioning that the characters of Matilda’s parents, brother and friends are still missing, so we will have to wait a little longer to know the full cast and be able to compare it with the original cast that was the reason why the film 1996 was so important at the time.

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