The cybersecurity company Kaspersky alerted to two new scams via WhatsApp with which criminals steal information from users taking advantage of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The first uses the name of Netflix and another that presumes to be an official notice from the Mexican authorities.


The first scam warns that Netflix to offer free streaming until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. The message contains a link that takes you to a page that asks you to answer some questions and then share it with 10 more contacts. The goal of the scam is to drive traffic to a website that bills with ads.

WhatsApp messages about Netflix and COVID-19 are a scam 2

The second hoax is a message that the government will grant the payment of “weekly vouchers” for the purchase of food and medicine “On the occasion of the World Quarantine”.

“In a contingency situation like the one we live in, cybercriminals soon find a way to take advantage of people’s interest and concern; they know that users practically blindly trust what circulates on the web, something that obviously can generate serious consequences, especially at times like this, in which false news, such as the one distributed via WhatsApp, can cause chaos ” says Dmitry Bestuzhev, director of the Research and Analysis Team for Latin America at Kaspersky.

The specialists recommend not to trust “blindly” in the messages that are received especially when you have strange addresses and to check other sources first before clicking.