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The Internet is a massive source of information that helps us determine which topics are trending. For example, this allowed many to know which were the most popular games from the PlayStation 5 reveal event.

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According to information from iprice, an analysis firm, Horizon Forbidden West was the exclusive for PlayStation 5 that caught the most attention at the event. In fact, it got 25% of the search volume in Google in relation to the rest of the exclusive games (either permanently or temporarily) of the next Sony console.

On a lower rung is Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales and following in his footsteps are Demon’s Souls and Gran Turismo 7. We present the list below:

Horizon Forbidden West
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Demon’s Souls
Gran Turismo 7
Project Athia

There were also third-party games at the PlayStation 5 event.

As you well know, the PlayStation 5 event was not only exclusive. In fact, several games were also revealed that will hit other platforms on their opening day.

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But which of them all was the big winner? The one who managed to dominate the list with 55% of the search volume was Resident Evil Village, the new installment of the survival horror series. In second and third place we have Hitman 3 and Pragmata, which only obtained 11% of the total traffic.

Resident Evil Village
Hitman 3
Little Devil Inside

And to you, what was the game that most caught your attention in the presentation? Tell us in the comments.

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