These were the cell phones with the best zoom in their cameras in 2020

It’s not just about close-range sharpness, it’s also important to have a large zoom on your cameras.

It is time to buy a new cell phone and the first thing we look at is the pocket. Once we know the budget we have, we open the catalog and start looking. Among the first aspects considered are the cameras. Same that for a long time come, not only with great sharpness, but also with a zoom Awesome.

With each passing day, cell phone cameras are looking more like professional ones. They first started by improving this component only in the phones of high-end. But then it began to migrate to the mid-range. Therefore, there are now a lot of equipment that has a wide angle and a powerful zoom.

In this way we invite you to know the best there is in brands Huawei, Honor Y Xiaomi. For now, the teams that came out in 2020 were taken into account.

Best zooms 2020

Let’s start with Huawei. Specifically, we are going to detail two phones in particular, the Huawei P30 Pro and P40.

The first mentioned achieves a 5x zoom to achieve a resolution of up to 40 megapixels. Meanwhile he Q40It has an 80mm lens and an 8 MP sensor. That of the latter, in night vision, reaches 50 MP.

In the case of Honor there are also two teams that stand out from the rest. One of them is the Honor 30, to which you can add your whole family, but the original is the best. It has an optical zoom reaches 5x and a telephoto lens of 125mm. The other is the Honor Play4 Pro. The latter, like the relatives of the Honor 30, has an 80mm angle lens and its zoom is three times.

These Chinese manufacturers were responsible for starting to break the market with impressive cameras. Therefore recommending one is difficult because they are all so good. However, we are going to choose the one that we consider to be one of the best.

This is how the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. The reason is simple: it has five rear cameras. In case this does not meet your needs, it is because you really need a professional camera. The camera of this equipment has Ultra Wide Angle.

The specialized portal DZoom details that its main camera has 108 Mpx; the portrait 12 Mpx; a 5 Mpx telephoto lens and the 20 Mpx Ultra Wide Angle.