these were the 10 most dangerous in the world

We present you the list of the 10 most dangerous dinosaurs in the world, both on the land surface and in the open sea.

They ruled the Earth for hundreds of millions of years, until its extinction: these dinosaurs were the most ferocious.

We present you below the 10 most dangerous dinosaurs in the world. It is a selection of land and sea, carnivores that stood out during their time.


Two characteristics gave the Ankylosaurus ferocity: its armored skin and a huge mallet on its tail, which made it difficult to kill. It lived at the end of the Cretaceous, more than 66 million years ago.


Literally its name is « Giant Reptile »: it could measure between 12 and 13 meters, weighing 6 to 8 tons. It lived in the mid-Cretaceous, almost 100 million years ago. According to scientists, the Giganotosaurus must have been the top predator in its time.


It was a very fast theropod that lived in the mid-Lower Cretaceous, about 126 million years ago. Their claws could measure up to 22 centimeters, which gave them greater grip when running. Its height was about twenty feet long, weighing just under half a ton.


Another theropod but one that lived at the end of the Jurassic period, almost 160 million years ago. He was about seven meters long, with a 85-centimeter long femur. It was one of the most feared predators of its time, attacking herbivores that were far from its group.


Of the great predators of the entire Cretaceous, a large carnivore. In size it rivaled the Tyrannosaurus or the Giganotosaurus. It reached 13 meters in length, and could weigh from six to 15 tons. Its skull could measure up to 1.6 meters, and it had fierce jaws with serrated teeth, like those of sharks.

Tyrannosaurus rex

For a long time it was considered the most powerful theropod of all, measuring 12 meters long and weighing 6-8 tons. Later new larger species would be found, but none had the fame of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. A tremendous carnivore, it lived in the late Cretaceous period, just over 68 million years ago.


The first carnivore with horns, which were small but could do damage. It lived during the Cretaceous, a little over 70 million years ago. Another anthology predator, its name comes from Latin and literally means “bull meat”, as it looked like one of these animals.


Its name means « thorn lizard », as it had thorns on its back. It had powerful teeth, compared to today’s crocodiles. He lived in the Cretaceous period, just over 100 years ago. It may have been the largest of all carnivores, surpassing the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Giganotosaurus, measuring up to 18 meters in length and weighing up to nine tons.


It was a species of giant alligator that lived in the Miocene, almost 10 million years ago. It was almost 13 meters tall, if you included its tail. Like today’s crocodiles, their skin was tough and their teeth extremely powerful.


A gigantic carnivorous marine reptile that lived in the Jurassic (about 160 million years ago). It was known as one of the super predators of the seas, measuring just over twenty feet in length.