These photographs of Salvador Dalí will be auctioned and are valued at up to 15 thousand pesos

The famous photograph of painter Salvador Dalí, in which he is sitting on a lip shaped sofa, it will be auctioned and would be worth up to 15 thousand pesos.

The firm Morton Subastas, as part of its event “Photography. Includes Old Techniques and Photography Books”, has 104 lots and one of them has two images of the Catalan painter.

Salvador Dalí, Catalan painter, sitting on a sofa shaped like lips.  The photograph will be auctioned by Morton.Salvador Dalí, Catalan painter, sitting on a sofa shaped like lips. The photograph will be auctioned by Morton.Courtesy of Morton Auctions

At lot number 53 you’ll find two pieces: one where the painter considered a pillar of surrealism is seen in the distance and another up close, on the sofa that he created, inspired by the Actress Mae West.

Both vintage prints are in 18.4cm and 12.3cm postcard format and are valued together in estimates of between 10 thousand and 15 thousand pesos, according to the auction house.

“Dalí recreated in a painting, a physical space with Mae’s features. her blond hair like curtains and her lips like an armchair. At the request of the Englishman Edward James, a sofa similar to the lips in the painting was physically built and it is on it that Salvador Dalí is seated in the photograph. This design is a furniture model known worldwideMorton emphasizes.

The Morton house auction will take place online and close next Saturday, February 20 at 4:00 p.m.

If you are interested or interested in acquiring or ‘bidding’ on these photographs, you can bid until then through the website from the auction house, as well as seeing these iconic images of Catalan in detail.

Regarding this modality, Morton points out that, in the event that what you have bid for it is exceeded, the bidders are notified via email if it is exceeded and he proposes to improve the offer, and so on until the auction closes .

In addition to these photographs of Dalí, in this auction you can find copies of photo sculptures, a technique that only existed in Mexico, as well as photographs of Diego Rivera, María Félix and other images with traditional and family scenes.

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