It is not a tasteful dish to have to continue talking about the virus that has given more to talk about in recent decades. The reality is that there is so much news emerging around you, the world of technology is also no stranger to this reality, as evidenced, for example, by the increasing use of cloud services, which we are obliged to keep you informed about the latest developments, especially if they have to do with attempts to slow its expansion, on our land.

Wearables, these small devices that add different functionalities depending on the place of the body where they are located or the connectivity they offer to users, are the protagonists of this news. If you want to know how small gadgets could improve the way we interact, especially in work environments, and we avoid unnecessary contagions, stay a few minutes reading this news.

Curve flattening devices

We have recently been able to discover the website of a manufacturer called Estimote, which has devised a curious way to control workers who are at risk of infection and to locate those interactions between members of the same team. One of your last devices, yellow as you can see in the image that we show you below these lines, uses different LED indicators to warn, both to the user who carries it with them and those around them, of your personal situation. The devices communicate with each other, everyone should carry one for the system to work properly, and record the interactions that have taken place, if these have been of risk and the places of the company through which each individual has circulated.

One of the great benefits This system seems to have is that the workers are registered in a common database, with which if a worker starts showing symptoms of infection, due to COVID-19, right away you will be able to verify where you have been, to thoroughly disinfect these areas, and with which classmates have you had interactionsFurthermore, knowing if these have been risky or security measures have been maintained at all times, so there would be no need to establish any additional measures for said employees.

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The devices, in case you were wondering since they would be in an unknown work environment, they are waterproof and made of a rubbery material, similar to rugged mobile phones, so its integrity should be kept intact. A button on the wearable would serve for the user to include a description of their state of health in the application, being able to record up to six weeks of information, which would be secure locally, without any possibility that the privacy of users could be compromised at any time. It seems that large companies such as Nike, Amazon, Apple, a company that already has its own application to fight the virus, FedEx, NASA or Coca Cola are already testing the benefits of their products, with which we are not talking about an ordinary company, but we would be before a company that has managed to integrate its surveillance system among the giants of the United States.

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