The finish leaves a good feeling and is now available for your physical and digital pre-order.

A few months ago the version of The Outer Worlds was announced for the Nintendo Switch and the first images of the Obsidian video game were shown. A title that was very well received after its launch and that already has a date set on the Japanese console for the beginning of next month,June 5. Now new images arrive to illustrate the visual section of the edition.

The publisher Private Division together with the teams ofObsidian Entertainment and Virtuos Gameshave released this set of screenshots which, despite the obvious technical differences offered with previous versions, has attemptedoptimize all hybrid possibilitiesfrom Nintendo Switch. The graphic section and thecolorful look really goodand it seems that the delay in development caused by the coronavirus has not been an impediment to achievinga flawless finish.

The delay in development has not influenced to lead to a good versionInitially planned for March 6, developers had to delay it due to the closure of the office at the core of the pandemic. The same month was indicatedthe new release dateand he made sure that the delay was not going to be an impediment to give rise to a good port. Nintendo Switch isgrowing in the good reception of gamesalready settled on other platforms such as Skyrim, The Witcher or Doom, in an interesting process that we told you a while ago, so it will not be surprising that The Outer Worlds bill was at the same height.

On the other hand, both physical and digital edition are alreadyin pre-orderthrough the Nintendo eShop and other specialty stores. That s, you have to get psyched to receivea dense 6GB upgradefrom the first day to optimize the game, provide additional high resolution textures andinclude other fixes. Here we leave you the new images presented and an interesting documentary on how the Obsidian Entertainment title was made.

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