For people who are homebound, boredom is being one of the hardest things to overcome. Yes, we have at our disposal all our books, music, series and movies on all platforms and in the new Disney +, but even so it is easy to fall into monotony.

To get out of it, we have proposed you to do puzzles online, because in physical stores and online they are sold out. We have also suggested online board games with which to have a good time entertaining with friends. However, today we are going one step further: Escape Room online for enjoy a virtual experience with puzzles and challenges that take us out of the room.

Hygienic apocalypse: a difficult challenge to do with your family

Adrián Caeiro de Saá and Enrique Latorre own The Paradox Room, a company that has several physical Escape Rooms. As we read in El Correo Gallego, after having to close for quarantine, they decided to create a virtual escape room on a trial basis.

And they did Hygienic Apocalypse, which in one week has already been played by more than 100,000 people around the world. In this Escape we will place ourselves in the year 2043, in a context in which, like weeks ago, toilet paper has run out. Everything moves based on humor, and in that sense, you must pose as a descendant of African prince Jones Dimka, who has left his heirs a fortune: a toilet paper pallet.

A hygienic apocalypse can be played alone or in a group. It is designed to be played in person, but can be played with people by video call, even if it is only controlled from a computer. The creators do not recommend the mobile, because they do not show all the content. They do recommend having paper and pencil on hand.

You don’t need to read anything to start, although you do know how to read, and it is designed for players over 15 years old. According to José García, Xataka’s teammate who has played it, the difficulty is quite high. According to the creators, on average it is taking an hour and a half to solve, but it will depend on our skill.

The virus cure

As we can see, The themes on which the Escape Rooms emerged these days have a lot to do with the historical moment that we have had to live. The virus cure has been created by Escape Hunters, an escapist couple who have more than 260 Escape Room in their history. Thanks to their extensive experience escaping, they have decided to launch this online escape to liven up the time of so many confined people.

As defined on your website, in this Escape Room “nwe will embark on an adventure to get the cure of the greatest virus of the XXI centuryIn this case, we will need two devices (worth a computer, smartphone and tablet), although to enjoy, each player will look at their screen. To communicate the necessary information to the other player, we will use oral and written language.

So, also supports phone, chat, video call, etc., provided that each player assumes one of the roles, to choose between a Spanish researcher and a Chinese researcher.

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room, to relive the world of Harry Potter (in English)

As we have read on Philly Voice, a Pennsylvania librarian also joined the stream of creating an online Escape Room. In this case, he opted for give life to one where elements of the magical world of Harry Potter were collected.

Specifically, ‘Hogwarts Digital Escape Room’ is a virtual Escape where we will get into the shoes of a first year student. You have entered “the house of your dreams”, and when you return to the common room you meet your roommates. The prefect of the house tells you that Muggles are locked in rooms, and they have to answer the puzzles and riddles to get out of them. From there, we can play in group or individually.

It is a very interesting case, because only the Google forms platform was needed to build it. It is in English but it is very easy to understand, and being plain text, it can be copied and translated with any online translator.