These banks give you credit cards even when you are in a bureau

Do you want to get a credit card but you are in a desk and that’s why they don’t give it to you? And it is that having one has many advantages, such as buying items for months without interest, purchasing items online, among other things.

But, one of the disadvantages when processing a credit card is that if you are in a bureau they could deny it, since when it appears in it, it means that you have a bad history or that you did not pay any previous debt, which is a bad point.

Which banks give you a card even when you are in a desk. Photo: Pixabay

But all is not lost, since there are some banks that could give you a credit card without checking your bureau, so take note if this is your case to know where you can go to finally have your plastic.

The first thing you should know is that credit cards without a bureau are those that need a deposit similar to or greater than the credit requested for a fixed term, but this is temporarily since at some point the bank allows you to have all the credit no need to give anything as collateral.

The objective of asking for an amount in advance is that it serves as a backup to pay the debt, if the account holder is behind with his payments, the bank will take that money. But not everything is good, since these cards have advantages and disadvantages, which we will tell you below.

Advantages If you have a good record of having them, report that behavior to the credit bureau. If you shop frequently and pay on time, you can clean up your credit history and improve your score with the bureau. In the future you could get a bigger financing. In some cases you have the same benefits and promotions as with a conventional credit card. Disadvantages Few banks offer them and they usually ask you for a deposit for the amount of your financing. The commissions they charge can be higher. The process to have it may take longer. It is possible that they will reject it if the bank considers it so. Which banks offer them BBVA Bancomer, the amount they grant can range from 3,000 to 10,000 pesos, but ask for an advance amount. Banamex, the credit it grants ranges from 2,500 to 20,000 pesos, after 12 months of good behavior, the card will become a normal credit card. Scotiabank, the Hey credit card, the money he asks you in advance goes from 5,000 to 200,000 pesos, granting only 80% credit of that amount. Banregio, they ask you in advance for 3 thousand to 50 thousand pesos and grant a financing line of 70% of what the client deposited. Azteca BankThis is the Guaranteed Gold Card, which requires a minimum advance of 2,500 pesos, with an authorized financing of 70 percent. BanbajíoThis is the Bajío VISA Classic Guaranteed Card, which gives you a maximum credit line of 40 thousand pesos. One of the advantages is that clients can transfer their debt to 12 months to pay it little by little.

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