These are the viruses most likely to trigger a new pandemic according to virology experts | Life

The scientific community is already carrying out a sickly monitoring of many new viruses that threaten Humanity and that could represent a future pandemic.

Although it may seem that COVID-19 has taken humanity by surprise, scientists have already been warning for years that a pandemic was coming, and that is that the scientific community is constantly monitoring in detail all the virus threats that can become a potential pandemic, and thanks to a new project we could already know which virus to fear.

To raise awareness among the world’s population and governments, a team of researchers have launched an initiative in the form of a database of hundreds and hundreds of viruses sorting them by risk and mutations, and which is currently being monitored for their potential to make the leap from animals to humans at any time.

“SARS-CoV-2 is just one example of many thousands of viruses that have the potential to spread from animals to humans,” he says. Zoë grange, responsible for SpillOver. “We need to not only identify, but also prioritize, the viral threats with the highest risk of spread before another devastating pandemic occurs.”

This massive virus survey comes thanks to a project called PREDICT that is carried out using more than half a million samples taken from 75,000 animals identifying more than 700 new viruses.

After that, they asked 150 virology and public health experts to analyze 50 possible risk factors, including the host species that carried the virus, the location where the species was found, past relationships, and so on, and they had to rank the importance. of each risk factor together with other elements such as modes of transmission and the ability to infect numerous hosts, until a general classification is defined.

Each threat was given a score between 1 to 155, and those viruses with the highest scores include SARS-CoV-2, which is between Lassa and Ebola, which have caused multiple outbreaks.

We leave you the most detailed map to follow the coronavirus in real time and be aware of all cases of infections and deaths with official sources.

Now all these reports analyzed by specialists are available to everyone on the Spillover website, where you can take a look at all the viruses they have analyzed, their classifications, variants, and the potential that they could become a next pandemic.

“This tool is intended to start a global conversation that will allow us to go far beyond what we thought about virus classification in the past and enable real-time scientific collaboration to identify new threats early,” said the study co-author. , Jonna mazet, a professor at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.