These are the three versions of Windows 10 that just lost support, is yours one of them? | Technology

Up to three versions of Windows 10 have just ended their support, and you should check that you are not running any of them.

It hadn’t happened before, but in the last few hours up to three versions of Windows 10 have lost support that they will no longer receive both content and security updates, and, therefore, it is convenient that you check that you are not running any of them, so as not to be exposed to future security holes.

Windows 10 is a living, changing operating system, which is updated month by month both with new functions, as well as covering those security holes that can leave you defenseless against cyberattacks, and that is why it is convenient to always have the operating system updated to the last version.

Specifically, the three versions that have reached the end of support they are 1909, 1809 and version 1803. On the one hand, version 1809 continues to be compatible with customers of the long-term service channel, while update 1909 continues to be compatible with Enterprise, Education and IoT Enterprise customers, until May 2022.

To understand this coincidence of end of support for these three versions, Microsoft last year extended support for version 1803 for an additional 6 months for education and business customers due to the pandemic.

Especially important is with regard to version 1909, the one from November 2019, and where users of Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 pro, Pro Education and Pro for workstations will no longer receive any type of update from now on.

Speaking of the currently supported versions such as the 2004 and 20H2, from now on they will receive the same cumulative updates, since it should be clarified that the 20H2 was nothing more than a package of functions.

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Now most users are about to receive version 21H1, the May 2021 version, and when it is available to everyone in the coming months, this version together with 2004 and 20H2 will also receive the same updates.

To check if you have an update to install, you can go to Windows 10 options, “updates and security”, and click the “check for updates” button. If your PC is compatible, the latest version of the operating system will be downloaded and installed.

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