These are the strategies you can use to reinvent your brand

Reinventing a brand is an effort that can involve multiple actions, among which it can sometimes be difficult to choose a good starting point or actions that are really worthwhile, for this reason, on this occasion we have identified a series of recommendations that can be very useful for a brand that precisely wants to change at this time.

Develop a survey for the brand

As a starting point, from AMW it is shared that in order to generate changes that retry brands first, it is advisable to consult things with key entities, such as consumers.

As they put it, efforts such as rebranding can be completely in vain if customers are not satisfied with the changes that this implies. Therefore, you have to consult the market through elements such as companies before getting to work.

Within the surveys it is worth asking what are the changes that consumers want to see in the brand. These will be valuable suggestions that can be incorporated into the strategy. Ideally a data-driven reinvention should be done.

Consider transforming your brand into a more compassionate one

According to Entreprenur, now is the most appropriate time for brands to do everything to help others. For these entities particularly, this is a unique opportunity to think outside the box and create innovative ideas that allow them to come forward and make a difference.

Showing a significant level of compassion and consideration for others can help build long-term customer loyalty.

Many brands can already be taken as references of this kind of effort, for example, there are those that in the midst of the pandemic transformed their businesses to support the medical cause, such as Bacardi that transformed its production to provide ethanol in order to be could manufacture antibacterial gel.

Rethink offers

The same refers that during a crisis like the one we have now, it is possible to face rapid changes in both consumer behavior and market dynamics. With that in mind it is essential to monitor brand communication at all times and adapt to changing circumstances.

This may involve, for example, rethinking offers to renew the brand, as being timely and understanding the importance of how market conditions and other changes affect the relevance of products and brands is imperative.

Leverage historical emotional insights

Finally, from AdAge it is shared that another option to reinvent a brand today is to take a look at the past to identify what has worked. In particular, it is mentioned that when brands need to reimagine their future, it is important to understand why customers generated an emotional connection with the brand in the past. Leveraging that emotional insight to refresh branding and marketing can be key to starting the different efforts that seek to reinvent the brand.