these are the shades of the red planet

NASA developed, in conjunction with several musicologists, the tones of Mars, so that you can carry them on your cell phone.

The music of space is infinite, and now it is the turn of Mars. NASA, in conjunction with various musicologists, created cell phone tones based on the weather of the red planet.

This creation is destined for the research exhibition [email protected], which is done virtually. The purpose is to celebrate the results of the Mars Insight mission, of the American aerospace agency.

Who was in charge of the investigation? Researchers Domenico Vicinanza and Genevieve Williams. They teamed up with professional flutist and musicologist Alyssa Schwartz to perform the pieces.

Vicinanza belongs to Ruskin University; Williams to Exeter and Schwartz to Fairmont.

How were the tones of Mars developed for cell phones?

They are, specifically, alert tones for calls based on the weather of Mars.

The scientific group used an image tracking system on the formation of clouds on the red planet. These photos were part of the work of NASA researcher Melinda Kahre.

The patterns were assigned musical intervals, and the team created melodies for flute and harp based on the moving clouds of Mars.

The result of the ingenious work you can listen to (and see) below, performed by Professor Schwartz.

NASA has pushed the use of its findings in space to performing music. Some of these pieces were even used as terrifying sounds on Halloween.

In order to download the musical tones of Mars on your phone, you must enter the following link, of the American aerospace agency.