At the moment there are ten active outbreaks in Andalusia of the coronavirus, located in Cádiz, Granada, Málaga, Almería and Huelva. The number of confirmed cases amounts to 205, 24 more since yesterday. Six outbreaks are under investigation, analyzing contacts and conducting tests.

There are currently 1,140 active cases of Covid-19 in the autonomous community, the vast majority of them in the province of Malaga (831). Meanwhile, Córdoba is the least affected, with only 12 positive for coronavirus.

Active cases in Andalusia

The Malaga outbreak keeps health authorities on alert as it is the largest. There are 103 people affected to date. The focus of contagion was detected on June 21 in the Malaga Red Cross Reception, Emergency and Referral Center. 15 PCR positives were initially confirmed and 100 people were isolated.

In the Granada province five active outbreaks remain, with 58 confirmed cases. It is the Andalusian province with the highest number of outbreaks of Covid-19.

In addition, the Ministry of Health of the Junta de Andalucía is monitoring 140 residents of the Huelva town of Lepe, isolated after the outbreak of coronavirus.

The outbreak detected in Almería affects four people from the same family and work environment. They gave positive to the PCR test that was carried out this week, and they do not present symptoms.

In Cádiz the regrowth has taken place in Algeciras. On June 17, a guest died in a pension in the municipality, which was cordoned off. After death, clients and workers of the establishment were sampled, and 23 positives were confirmed by Covid-19.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health, Andalusia has registered 13,115 cases and 1,438 deaths.