These are the news that we will see on YouTube throughout 2021

YouTube is one of the most used video platforms in the world. Therefore, from time to time, Google introduces interesting news to facilitate interaction on YouTube and keep the service fresh streaming.

In this sense, the company has announced the different developments that we will see throughout 2021. These are not major changes that conceptually modify the platform, but they do small improvements that will facilitate its use on a day-to-day basis.

Since video is the main core of YouTube, Google wants to make the easier navigation. If last year the video chapters were one of the most interesting features, this year these chapters will be smarter.

In this sense, Google has announced that it will expand the function of chapters in the videos so that they are added automatically. In addition, they will modify the design of the tablet app to make it more intuitive and modern.

Along with automatic chapters, Google has announced that it will support more video formats throughout 2021, including a modification on YouTube VR to improve navigation, accessibility and search.

More kid-safe content on YouTube

The above are not the only novelties regarding the improvement of content on the platform. YouTube has advanced that throughout the year it will introduce new features for YouTube Kids.

The most important, the possibility that parents can select videos and channels from the main YouTube platform to include them in YouTube Kids.

This will allow to expand the number of videos available for children. In addition to adding new content that parents consider suitable and that are not available in Kids.

Direct purchases from YouTube

Another of the great novelties that YouTube will receive will be the purchases integrated into the platform. It will be one more monetization opportunities through trade.

And like the rest of social networks, it will be done through a new integrated shopping experience, which will allow users to make purchases from trusted and recognized creators directly on YouTube.

These are not the only novelties that will arrive on YouTube throughout 2021. ** New tools for content creators **, such as the beta applause function, will allow to offer new monetization options for the channels.

At the moment there are no specific dates for the implementation of these features. As the company has highlighted, they hope to integrate them throughout the year.